Importance of Inviting Guests | Referral Leads Groups | Photo by from Pexels

The Importance of Guests to Your Referral Leads Group meetings

We’ve looked at many referral groups and found that the most successful ones are those that place emphasis on inviting guests to meetings. These groups tend to have four, five, even six guests at every meeting. Members of these groups understand the benefits of having guests and have gotten into the habit of inviting them.

Why it’s in your interest to always invite guests

  1. Your meetings are part of your weekly networking schedule. Like a fitness schedule that one creates and commits to, referral group meetings serve as part of a routine networking schedule. You can leverage meetings to their full potential by inviting guests and taking time afterward to chat with them. In doing so, you’ll expand your business network and referral circle, whether guests join your group or not. Those who simply show up at the meeting, don’t bring guests, or spend time meeting guests, miss out on a key opportunity to build their community, network, and referral circle.
  2. Referrals from guests. For many groups it’s estimated that guests account for as much as 20% of referral business that’s passed. Yes, guests (whether they join your group or not) are often a great source of new referral business. They have needs, a network and circle of influence. When you have guests coming to meetings on a regular basis, you frequently uncover new referrals from those you’ve never met.
  3. Meeting energy. Lets face it meetings can seem redundant sometimes. Having guests each week adds a freshness and newness to each meeting. Have you ever noticed the best meetings are often those where you have a good assortment of new faces?

A growing group means more referrals. The last reason is probably the most obvious, the referral power and activity of a group is usually directly correlated to the size of the group and the flow of guests. Quite simply the larger the group, the larger the group’s circle of influence, the more referral opportunities and referrals.