Do nothing, relax, mindfulness, creative thinking, better questionsCelebrating holidays with friends is the best. My wife and I made 7-hour road trip (each way) with the dog and cat to spend Thanksgiving 2018 with friends. That long weekend was a big reminder that change of scenery and downtime is a great way to nurture creativity.

Deliberate do-nothing time

On our first morning back home, I deliberately made time to do absolutely nothing. It was time to just stare out into space, or in my case to stare out into the mountains. The moon was out in broad daylight, adding a little dramatic effect.

The purpose of my deliberate do-nothing time was to nurture my own creative thinking. It was time intended to help me ask better questions about life and its various challenges. Granted it was only ten minutes of my morning, but I so enjoyed it. I’m a big believer in the practice of quieting the mind, and I’m genuinely excited about my next do-nothing session.

This isn’t a new concept to me, but I did recently read about the benefits of “doing nothing” in a book called A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas. Nor is it not something I practice regularly, but I knew that I needed to try it.

I discussed this idea of deliberate time for doing nothing with my wife, and we agreed that technology has made so many of us perpetually busy. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of busy that amounts to little or nothing of true importance. Just occupying our time catching up on social feeds and news headlines. Like drones.

Creative thinking is paramount to the entrepreneurial spirit

I think about creativity and mindfulness daily. I’m a musician. Creativity is paramount to the musician experience. I’m also an entrepreneurial spirit. Again, creative thinking is paramount. Whether I’m collaborating on original music, writing a blog post, or trying to solve problems, the need for creativity is always present. Then there’s the fact that creative thinking and doing leads to learning. Why are we here if not to learn?