Alec Hart, CBC California Burrito Company, Franchisor

Welcome to season 2 episode 2 of the podcast!

My guest for this episode is restaurant franchisor Alec Hart. We met in Panama not long about, following the opening of CBC (California Burrito Company). CBC is focused on healthy food with an over-arcing goal of expansion through franchising.

Much to the surprise of many, Panama is not known for burritos, nor anything that remotely resembles Mexican food. Not even tortillas.

CBC wasn’t started in Panama. Panama in fact fourth (or fifth) of the Latin American countries to have CBC locations.

Alec’s business long ago evolved into a franchise model, he being the master franchisor. He’s embarking on the third act of his restaurant career with a goal to repeat past success, by franchising CBC right here in Panama. All for the love of a grandchild. The prize? College tuition for said grandson.

His business and his story are interesting, as is he as a person. He’s also fun. Alec has whimsy, which is one of the many things I like about him.

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