Jerk Fallacy, rude, Seth GodinSeth Godin writes great stuff every week. He recently posted a short piece titled The Jerk Fallacy.

This one resonated with me, because I’ve made the mistake of working with jerks on more than one occasion. These experiences were not only bad career choices on my part, there were the opposite of fun. I hate the opposite of fun!

When I think about the person that I am at work, with friends, and with family, I think of myself as a pleasant person. However, Godin’s post reminded me that on occasion, I’m a jerk. In some cases it’s merely in response to someone else being a jerk. On other occasions, however, it’s nothing short of a bad behavior on my part.

Have you ever done this? Unintentionally been a jerk?

If you answered yes, you night now be reflecting on your accidental jerk moment. Perhaps the memory is even making you feel bad right now. If that’s the case try this.

Try forgiving yourself for being human
Think about the person that you really want to be
Think about what if feels like to be that person
Take a couple of deep breaths
Hold on to that feeling for a moment

And next time someone is being a jerk to you, consider this. Consider that it’s merely a moment. Consider this thought from one of my favorite quotes.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

That feels much better than getting pissed off, right?

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