Positive attitudeI was speaking with a client recently, and the topic of attitude came up. Fortunately we weren’t talking about mine. 😁 Nor were we talking about the “so-and-so is always copping an attitude” variety. We spoke about the general attitude of colleagues and peers, people we depend on.

I quickly began to regale said client with tales of my days as a meeting manager. I have a short fuse for crappy attitudes. In fact, I’m fairly quick to call people out, sometimes in public. While my methods were most often effective, they were far from perfect. But that’s another story for another post.

This whole conversation got me thinking about how attitude in every moment of our lives is so darn important. I realize I’m not saying anything you’ve not heard at least 1000 times in your life, probably 800 of those from your own mother.

Why the down attitude?

Why then do we find people (sometimes ourselves) regularly walking into the office, meetings, or their own front door with a down attitude?

We certainly have a great deal of stuff coming at us everyday, giving us reason to have a poor outlook on any given situation. Between our email inbox, social media, world news, and everyday relationship drama, it’s fairly easy to display a less than stellar attitude. There are conversely lots of great techniques for checking and improving our attitudes, but that’s a topic for yet another post. I’ll leave you with two more questions.

How’s your attitude right now?

How do you think others perceive your attitude (in general)?

Here are a couple of good reads I just found, if you’re interested in what others have to say on the topic.

The Difference Between a Good Attitude and a Bad Attitude, by Phillip J Watt at The Mind Unleashed

Do You Have an Attitude Problem?, by Tris Thorp at The Copra Center